Schäfer, Christoph (2017): The debate on ancient economy as a “battlefield” and the question of transport routes to the Rhine region. In: J. Remesal Rodríguez (Hg.), Economía romana. Nuevas perspectivas / The Roman economy. New perspectives. Barcelona, S. 89–118.

Schä­fer, Chris­toph: The deba­te on anci­ent eco­no­my as a “battle­field” and the ques­ti­on of trans­port rou­tes to the Rhi­ne regi­on. In: J. Reme­sal Rodrí­guez (Hg.), Eco­nomía roma­na. Nue­vas per­spec­ti­vas / The Roman eco­no­my. New per­spec­ti­ves, Bar­ce­lo­na 2017, 89–118.