Maritime Connections and their Influence on Ancient Sea Trade: Objects, People, Places (conf.)

Inter­na­tio­nal Con­fe­rence  orga­nis­ed by the DFG pro­ject „Mari­ti­me Ver­bin­dun­gen und ihr Ein­fluss auf den anti­ken See­han­del – Nau­ti­sche Simu­la­tio­nen als Grund­la­ge his­to­ri­scher Forschungen“

19/20/21 Febru­a­ry 2024, Room B14, Trier University


Mari­ti­me con­nec­tions play a pivo­tal role in shaping intri­ca­te tra­de net­works, offe­ring a his­to­ri­cal­ly cost-effi­ci­ent means of goods trans­por­ta­ti­on. While land con­nec­tions have been exten­si­ve­ly stu­di­ed and well-docu­men­ted, rese­arch on mari­ti­me rou­tes and their influ­ence on trans­por­ta­ti­on cos­ts, still remains nota­b­ly scar­ce, alt­hough the last deca­des saw ground-brea­king stu­dies. In light of a gro­wing inte­rest in rese­arch high­ligh­t­ing the impact of sea-based tra­de on anci­ent eco­no­mies, this con­fe­rence aims to con­ve­ne experts in the fiel­ds of Anci­ent Histo­ry, Archaeo­lo­gy, and Digi­tal Humanities.
Our objec­ti­ve is to pro­vi­de a com­pre­hen­si­ve con­tex­tua­li-zati­on of various phe­no­me­na wit­hin anci­ent socie­ties that were influ­en­ced by mari­ti­me tra­de. To achie­ve this, our the­ma­tic scope encom­pas­ses the recon­struc­tion of sea rou­tes, explo­ra­ti­on of tra­de pat­terns, and inves­ti­ga­ti­ons into con­nec­ti­vi­ty. Fur­ther­mo­re, we will del­ve into the imprint of sea tra­de on sea­fa­ring prac­ti­ces, the mate­ri­al cul­tu­re of anci­ent socie­ties, and the por­tra­yal of mari­ti­me land­s­capes in litera­ry texts. This con­fe­rence aims to ser­ve as an intel­lec­tu­al hub for the explo­ra­ti­on of inno­va­ti­ve approa­ches to inter­pre­ting litera­ry and mate­ri­al sources rela­ted to sea tra­de, inte­gra­ting new theo­re­ti­cal frame­works and cut­ting-edge metho­do­lo­gies, such as simulations.

You can find the pro­gramm here.

Orga­ni­sa­ti­on & Contact:

Prof. Dr. Chris­toph Schäfer
Dr. Juli­an Degen (
Dr. Mateo Gon­zá­lez Váz­quez (



Feb 19 - 21 2024




Universität Trier, B14