Neuerburg, Fabia (2019): Meeting the holy men: self-perception of the female traveller and interaction between men and women in the late antique Itinerarium Egeriae. In: F. Meens/T. Sintobin (Hg.): Gender, Companionship and Travel. Discourses in Pre-modern and Modern Travel Literature. Abingdon/New York. S. 35–46.

Neu­er­burg, Fabia: Mee­ting the holy men: self-per­cep­ti­on of the fema­le tra­vel­ler and inter­ac­tion bet­ween men and women in the late antique Iti­ne­ra­ri­um Ege­riae. In: Meens, F./Sintobin, T. (Hg.): Gen­der, Com­pa­n­ions­hip and Tra­vel. Dis­cour­ses in Pre-modern and Modern Tra­vel Lite­ra­tu­re, Abingdon/New York 2019, 35–46.