Schäfer, Christoph (2022): Seaborne Trade and Field Trials with Roman Vessels on Rhine, Moselle and Danube. In: Th. Schmidts/M. Seifert (Hg.), New approaches to seaborne commerce in the Roman empire, Heidelberg, S. 47–52.

Schä­fer, Chris­toph (2022): Sea­bor­ne Tra­de and Field Tri­als with Roman Ves­sels on Rhi­ne, Mosel­le and Danu­be. In: Th. Schmidts/M. Sei­fert (Hg.), New approa­ches to sea­bor­ne com­mer­ce in the Roman empi­re, Hei­del­berg, S. 47–52.